Introduction :

Blockchain technology has shifted the anatomy of finance. Creating a new norm. With this innovation, privacy and security have greatly enhanced. Ever since 2009 from the first whitepaper (Bitcoin) an introduction such as this is needed. Everyday people’s identity is stolen, while their data is being tracked and mined to the highest bidder. Data is the modern oil of our time. Your information and security are crucial. Which is why zKML was launched. We face the challenges ahead because who else would? The industry needs more security, and our team has been delivering products to tackle our objective. Our team is pushing new limitations in blockchain technology.

For you the investor or speculator this is always needed to be transparent with our mission and goals. In this whitepaper you will see an array of products that we are currently working on or have deployed already. Messaging, Search, AI Open Market, & Transactional Swapping will be available while retaining the key focus in blockchain, decentralization. Staying true to the roots of cryptography is embedded in our code. Scripts run in succession to have all our decentralized applications functional. zKML innovations and applications libraries will expand as our community grows and thrives with our products.

Problem statement :

Despite the transformative potential of blockchain technology, it inherently suffers from significant privacy vulnerabilities that expose users to risks such as transactional surveillance, identity theft, and data breaches. These vulnerabilities arise primarily because traditional blockchain platforms operate on a transparent ledger. Meaning transaction details and user identities can be traced and linked by anyone with access to the internet. This lack of privacy is harmful for potential users who are concerned about their personal security. A concern like this limits the adoptability for blockchain applications that require confidentiality. Which is why we are battling for you. Every product we are working and releasing has a message and that is to decrease your digital footprint on the blockchain and interwebs. Navigating legislations and legal frameworks is important for every project. With the gavel of the US court system a project can end. All our products went over a legal procedure with our retained attorneys. Adhering to compliance is a choice we made that will make us stand for the future. We saw a problem with other projects in the entire space. Majority of them are not complaint. While the companies that are complaint they have continued to soar. Up until recently (2024) we had US politicians and former presidents praising crypto and blockchain. zKML is aligning to be an outlier in the security, messaging, AI, and privacy sector. Building trust in anything requires time, patience, and confidence. There’s is an urgent need for a comprehensive blockchain solutions. zKML prioritizes privacy protections, and enhanced security measures. A platform must leverage advanced cryptographic techniques, including Zero Knowledge Proofs, Oasis, Wormhole and the Anon Network. Helps provide users with unprecedented levels of data confidentiality, safety, and control over their digital assets. Restoring trust in blockchain technologies and expanding their applicability across various sectors. zKML is going to provide a solution to the people’s concerns.

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