Cross chain privacy tools ensuring confidentiality and discretion

Originally named as zkSnarky. We had changed the core logic and process for privacy. Accessibility across multiple networks ensures your funds will be anonymized between multiple layers and bridges. Seamless functionality for our Telegram Bot or Decentralized App (dApp). ZWAP will stand tall for privacy and anonymity. We want to ensure that users can exchange assets across different blockchain networks without compromising their privacy. The main feature of ZWAP is its ability to maintain the confidentiality of user identities and transaction details while providing a seamless swapping experience. This makes ZWAP an essential tool for users looking to interact with multiple blockchains in a secure and private manner.

Fees Breakdown and $ZKML holders discount

ConditionsTax rateHolders discount (0.1%)Holders discount (0.3%)

Transfer < 500

3% fees

50% off


Transfer > 500

1% fees

50% off


The core logic applies to the following on the Telegram Bot or Dapp:

  1. User sends funds to the first wallet

  2. The backend wallet bridges it to the second wallet on Oasis

  3. The second wallet on Oasis claims the funds

  4. The second wallet bridges the funds to itself

  5. The funds are claimed on Ethereum.

  6. The funds are sent to the user.

The engineer(s) that was incorporating the frameworks and logic from the front to the backend endured challenges. At the exact same time our team was able to optimize Oasis (they thanked the ZWAP engineering team for enhancing their Software Developer Kit => SDK). Overall, the objective is to send funds securely and privately. That is accomplished but we also wanted to have the user experience to be very approachable. On both ends from the Telegram Bot or the Decentralized App (dApp) both were inspected carefully on a step-by-step basis. For the dApp you connect your wallet and then once you enter the receive wallet. A loading screen visual will appear to show the process of your funds migrating. ZWAP limiting outside peripherals on the open ledger for your funds to arrive to the sender safely.

Use Cases :

Private Asset Swaps

Secure Fiscal Retrieval

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