Secure messaging platform built on top of the Anon Network

User identity and data should be stored for only the user. Most companies use other users’ data to farm, to nurture to manipulate. We at zKML found that egregious and a deplorable standard that should be changed from within. Forte Group from Chicago helped design and embed Anon Network to our application. Forte also assisted on creating the Anon Network by Ator Protocol. Our secure messaging platform is blueprinted with a Signal Java Server v12. The most modern in servers with a huge developer community behind. In time the servers will unbind to Hetzner post MVI 2.0 to strengthen our anonymity promise. Product feel is very important for us. We wanted to make sure the user interface has its own identity compared to its predecessors.

Stack used :

For MVI 1.0 we are using Electron for our Desktop Client. We picked a client first because it’s the most reliable for a secure and timely manner release. Once on the client website, a prompt to sign up will appear with either Wallet Connect, Metamask , Rainbow Kit, or also Coinbase Wallet.

Security of our application is important and people who have malicious intentions are stopped ahead of time. Not just any wallet is allowed to connect. Partners such as Ator, CSwap, & AIGPU community will have free accessibility to our application on day 1. A freshly made wallet that holds no zKML or the projects above will be barred network entry and account creation. In the future : A wallet must have transactional proof of use to access Zebra

Use Cases

Messaging :

Send message Edit Message

Audio Messaging

Image Messaging Delete Messages Search Messages

Others : Change User @ and Name

Create Group Chats Zebra Mode

Our digital architecture landscape for our decentralized messaging is coming to fruition. Your messages are for you and the receiver. We already have planned new iterations to be added soon, User feedback is very important! We listen to the community as we want them to grow with us.

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