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Traditional blockchain networks often grapple with inherent privacy vulnerabilities, exposing users to risks such as transaction surveillance, identity theft, data breaches and finally address poisoning ( recent incident with a BTC whale exposed this issue to everyone). Existing solutions fail to provide adequate privacy and security measures, hindering user adoption and trust in blockchain . Moreover, the lack of interoperability between different blockchain networks further exacerbates the challenge, limiting users' ability to seamlessly transfer assets and data across platforms while maintaining confidentiality and integrity.

Recognizing these pressing challenges, there is a critical need for a comprehensive blockchain platform that prioritizes user privacy, security, and cross-chain interoperability. This platform must leverage cutting-edge cryptographic techniques and innovative features to offer users unparalleled levels of confidentiality, trust, and control over their digital assets and personal data. Addressing these issues requires the development of a solution that not only enhances privacy and security but also facilitates seamless asset and data transfer across diverse blockchain networks. From the deployment back in February the zKML team has been over delivering. Constant daily updates, showing advancements in applications while pushing out new products. We listen to community feedback to enhance or modify our products. The team will continue to push the barriers for privacy, security, and artificial intelligence. Each product or software application we are working on or releasing is strategically handed by our team. The key focus will always be to reclaim privacy. It is a natural born right that the people have gotten stripped away overtime. Entering our domain, you will have reassurance that you are not being tracked or watched. You can have the confidence that no fallacy of security misrepresentation is occurring. zKML is here and will continue to deliver.

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