Phase 1:

  • Establishment of privacy-focused infrastructure XRPL (ZkShield we put it down for legal reasons)

  • Privacy Router: Development of a privacy router for anonymous transactions

  • zSnarky Integration: Incorporation of zero-knowledge proofs (renamed to Zwap)

  • zKOS: Development of a secure operating system framework

Phase 2 :

  • Collaborate with privacy-focused search engines for shared insights (ZkSearch)

  • Leverage Bittensor for powering the zkSearch AI search engine, focusing on the ZKML subnet on Bittensor to ensure enhanced privacy and security (ZkSearch)

  • ❌ Adapt the zKOS framework for mobile devices ensuring compatibility with major mobile hardware

  • ❌ Engage with communities around LineageOS and GrapheneOS for insights on privacy-centric mobile OS development

Phase 3 :

  • Enhance interoperability with ROSE and MINA networks, establish partnerships for cross-chain transactions (Zwap)

Phase 4 :

  • Position zKML as a leader in confidential transactions through strategic partnerships, developer collaborations, and educational campaigns (Partnership with Ator, CSwap, AiGpu)

  • Build privacy solutions on both networks, drawing inspiration from projects like Minamix and TornadoMina showcased at ETHGlobal (Zwap is on Oasis)

Phase 5 :

  • Build an AI marketplace allowing users to buy/sell (with crypto) LLM and dataset without storing anything, as well as training their own datasets (AiMarketplace)

  • Route ZkSearch queries through Ator and add a better Ai alternatives into it (something that doesnt store users data)

  • Include blockchain integration into Zebra, maybe account abstraction will be native in the future, something like what telegram is doing with TON but for ethereum instead (and others EVM chains)

  • Expand Zwap to others EVM chains, Solana, Cosmos etc ...

  • Make further research about a possible zkOs (looking at AlephZero EVM zkOs)

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