🤖Ai marketplace

Purchase and sell datasets/ LLM models (such as Llama 3, Orca, Chat GLM, etc.) directly using cryptocurrency.

We wanted to create a digital platform that serves as a hub for buying, selling, accessing artificial intelligence (AI) models and dataset. The marketplace typically offers a wide range of AI products, from simple algorithms and pre-trained models to more complex systems like machine learning frameworks and AI applications. We wanted to give the crypto world access to these datasets and algorithms. The more knowledge a person has access to, then more innovation may be harnessed. zKML created this marketplace not only for your anonymity but data democratization. These models over the years might be harder to have access to. To prevent the gatekeeping of knowledge, zKML created a sanctuary for future developers to practice. The next unicorn can be made by utilizing the data of the AI marketplace. On top of this we wanted to open the gate to small company or individual developer so we offered a marketplace that accept crypto (which is also secured by chainlink technology).

Use Cases :

An array of AI Models at your disposal

Customizable services


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